Miss Aida
We are caught up in our passion, each attempting to further a dream that we dream together, as individuals and as a collective group; the student volunteers that are so strongly connected to the social landscape of a community abroad.

There are those among us who spend hours furthering projects deemed to be for the greater good, from debates to sporting events, from writing to music, each reaching out in our own little way in our own little groups.

It's a lacklustre task at times, because we Malaysians are not known to be a vocal lot, and support is often assumed, often not voiced out to those who have poured their heart and soul into their own respective projects. Criticism is freely given, but very few choose to step up in fill in those roles that are so desperately crying for new blood, for the energy of the enthusiastic, for the impassioned, for the empowered, for those like-minded souls who want to contribute in whatever shape or form we are able to.

Here's to those like-minded volunteers, for those who have put their hands up and said aye to the tasks that few are willing to put in those hours for. Here's to those who have stepped out of their shadows into the background of the social machinery that whirrs and hums.

Here's to those who have tried.

To Kelab UMNO Australia Melbourne, to the Malaysian Students Council of Victoria, to Festival Malaysia, to Acara Anak Seni Malaysia. To those other student clubs, the core of those who come to study abroad and slowly find a family within those in their universities that are links to home. To those individuals leaving their own little footprints in Melbourne.

To student activism.

I salute you, as one who has been through the trials and tribulations that we so often go through, being undersupported and undervalued, and never quite knowing if the fruits of our efforts have left any deep lasting impact at all.

At the end of the day, there is only faith, and the hope that we have done something to benefit someone, even if it is one person who we may not even know.

Here's to you. You know who you are.

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