Aida Zabidi
This winter has been so cold it's kiilling me.

I can feel the ice in my bones every time I leave the room, and I hate it. Leaving the house is an actual chore - even to do the simplest things; dinner, groceries, exercise, meeting people - it all takes that extra effort to drag myself out of my room to do anything - and even so sometimes I need to psych myself out for an extra half hour prior to even managing to step foot out of my room.

I am writing into a lump of fat as I write this.

My motivation for good health has been lost in this mundane winter existence as I try to eat away my feelings of unconcerned motivations, or perhaps, demotivation may be something more appropriate to the sentiment.

We all have our moments and this is mine, though it's not something I'm exactly revelling in. 

I need to get out of this winter slump.

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