Aida Zabidi
This winter has been so harsh that I find myself waking up in the mornings gasping for breath. One never truly feels as fragile as they do when they're unable to draw a full breath into their lungs, and as I grasp desperately for my inhaler, I am reminded that it is a blessing that I am still able to breathe at all.

There are so many reminders about how lucky we truly are, about the things we take for granted. 

I used to be in and out of hospitals as a child for my asthma. I've almost forgotten what it feels like until this winter, that feeling of helplessness as I try to draw air and fail, knowing how it will worsen in time if I do not find salvation in medication, knowing exactly how it feels to be deprived of the most vital things that is keeping you alive. 

Today I am reminded of my fragility, and I am thankful for the reminder. 

Who knows indeed, when I will be taking my last breath?

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  1. owh..siannya u athma..
    my sis had been attacked several times and satu rumah panik..

    but it made me understand how bad it is..

    make sure u keep urself warm okay :)

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