Aida Zabidi
Fuck I hate you at the moment.

We're all entitled to our moody moments and at times when I'm PMSing I feel like having one of those bitchy roller coaster moments, and this is probably one of them.

At times like this I want to run, even against the cold icy winds of winter and run out this anger that boils in my blood; at times like this I want to scream and scream every single curse word in my vocabulary, no matter if I'm a lady or not, because my language is my own, and there's no point of restraint in the privacy of your own home; at times like this I want to draw blood because I am angry, and it feels like hurting someone else as much as I am hurting is the only thing I can do.

There was a moment in a movie I watched, where Catherine Zeta Jones screamed out "You dirty little fucking scumbag! Take your disease-riddled whore and fuck her in hell, for all eternity! While the devil burns you with hot, jagged metal! And suffocates you, with molten fury.", and I thought, that's some vocabulary. Not bad. Not bad at all.



What have I become?

I was never like this before.
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  1. It is alright to vent out once in a while. I find when I type it out, it brings my anger down by 38.20%. Hehe. I'm precise like that. Haha.
    Take care and vent it out!! It is good for the soul!

  2. Ze Ying Says:

    awww *hugs* like u said, it's ok to be emo. just don let it overwhelm u. :)

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