Aida Zabidi
It's peculiar how people just walk in and out of your life. At the present moment, you may think they are always going to be there, forever - forever and always. A year passes and they aren't even in your life anymore. Something changed and they only stay in a chapter of your life, their chapter in your life is now over, they are now no one. A whole new chapter begins, everything changes and nothing stays the same. We're constantly moving on in and out of other people's lives, jumping to one person to the next, just like another chapter in another person's story. I'd like to remain a main character for once. I wish I could put you in my story again. I don't understand how you went from my main character to nothing. -AndIt'sLove
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  1. I don't understand how you went from my main character to nothing..

    I used to wonder the same thing.. LOL. By the way, you and your cousin, both are talented at writing :) Keep it up babe!

  2. yes..everything changes..but the one who the real deal. :)

    love this

  3. Natasha Says:

    The very same thoughts that I had this morning, wondering where everyone went -- and how come they never call or write!

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