Aida Zabidi
Times with family around have been far and few. 

Family interaction is almost like a dance of sorts, an almost dreamlike interaction of the imagination, where those pre-rehearsed cues are rusty, and I almost forget those cues where I'm meant to step in and say my piece.

I am quiet with my family by nature, and have become increasingly so, preferring to listen to the chatter of my mother and my aunts, preferring the company of my younger cousins and their delightful innocence, retreating behind the cover of the devoted babysitter.

I enjoy family times. I enjoy the conversation washing over me, feeling that feeling of belonging and amidst all that, feeling as if I have come home to something that is comforting, and familiar. 

All without having to say a word.

I am thankful. 

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  1. Lynx Says:

    I agree, I also go silent whenever I'm surrounded with familiar and familial things. It's not because I find it boring, I think my heart and mind's reached a level contentment to a point that it's okay to be at ease and allow yourself to just savor the moment --- be a sponge!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    with love, actions speak louder than words and unconditional ...

    family would love us regardless and would never judge us despite the otherwise.

    my parents always reminded me that we can always choose our friends but family . they should come first ...

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