Aida Zabidi
Words come easily, but actions do not always match up to the things you should say. 

I will ask a lot of you, and I expect a lot of you. My ideals are not easy to fulfil, and I am a demanding mistress. It is a choice you will make if you choose to take this path, and it is a choice that you must make with your eyes wide open, not blinded by emotion, your rose tinted glasses or your endless optimism.

There will be times where I am harsh and demanding, but it is because I see the potential within you, and I know you have the ability to be more than you are, more now and a hundred times over. There will be times where I expect a lot, because the best things in life are worth fighting for, and I hope you will one day see your potential too. 

We are each like glass, beautiful in our own way, with the ability to be heated up by the fuel of our efforts and remade into shapes that are more beautiful, more functional, more of everything. 

There will be many things that I will ask for, in these times of uncertainty and tenuousness.

I ask for mutual trust, and respect, because those are foundations to any relationship, no matter how big or small. I ask for honesty, always, no matter how hurtful those words may be. I ask for patience and understanding throughout my idiosyncrasies and quirks. I ask for tolerance and support in those times where I am less than what I am. I ask for strength, in remaking the differences of opinions and in the improvement of ourselves. 

I ask a lot, because the rewards are worth it. 

I ask a lot, because I'm worth it.

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  1. Lynx Says:

    Wow, this is a straight up way to express your expectations ^_^ I wonder how guys would react to this sort of bold request.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Love can be liken to respect , it must be earned not demanded..

    Unconditional love is the epitome of all love story throughout the time without any question asked...

    Honesty is skin deep as we often see it with our experience and cultures but not with objectivity...

    Sometimes loving someone not necessarily being together as knowing our loved one is happy -is the fight worth fighting for and never a losing battle.....

    Fate is never cruel but a choice we make the name of love and life.

    Thanks so much aida for the thought-provoking write-up. keep it up ok !
    ( rase mcm english teacher plak.. la la larikkkkk ! )

  3. I wish I could say that straight to mrboyfie when there are huge arguments and I'm trying to make him understand things, and to see things from my perspective.

    "There will be times where I am harsh and demanding, but it is because I see the potential within you" It is so true..

    Love this entry!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    can't agree more Aida. I also asked for all that, most importantly trust and honesty. but I'm not getting 100% of it from BF, I guess I have to keep on nagging and asking for more :)

  5. But you ARE worth it :)

  6. Lynx Says:

    Isn't truth be gladly given and never forced upon? Just a passing thought :)

    Great piece, write some more!

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