Aida Zabidi

Awash with white, hot anger.

That's all she could feel, anger at the ignorance of the masses. Couldn't they see that they were crippling the country with their ignorance - with their misplaced pride?

Her blood truly did boil every time she thought about the race issue.

Sometimes she felt she'd been away too long, or perhaps her time back home had been too protected. She had never had to look at others through the eyes of race, of colour; people were individuals, and had rights and reasons to do the things they do.

Naturally, the masses had its fair share of idiots, but those should have been in the minority, and it was so difficult moving forward from the stereotype when every once in awhile, an idiot Malay would rise up and demand things bordering on the ridiculous, which would naturally give rise to the incitement of other idiots, Malay, Chinese and Indian alike.

Malaysia was not meant to be a race supremacy, and those days where some would only dream about were long gone, and she for one, was personally happier for it.

Culture and religion was needed, to be cherished and preserved, and both culture and religion had messages that preached tolerance, and understanding; both culture and religion had values in which a strong moral society could be built upon regardless of race, both culture and religion were things that were meant to be positive, and yet it always seemed like the negatives were drawn from within them, and twisted to the purposes of idiocy.

It was within Malaysia's diversity that Malaysia could draw strength, but progress was always hampered by racial politics. 

Everyone is so caught up on the minute details when it's more important to use the bigger picture as a backbone to progress, and work along those cornerstones of love, unity, and progress.

Perhaps the world needs another Woodstock.

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  1. "It was within Malaysia's diversity that Malaysia could draw strength, but progress was always hampered by racial politics" - can't agree more with you Aida on that point :)

  2. Anonymous Says:

    race issues goes beyond politics as some EDUCATED one dwells on such issue for personal gains but not out of ignorance.

    tolerance is all about living with the differences by focusing on the similarities . sometimes we focus so hard on the differences that we tend to ignore the ...

    as the saying goes (oscar wilde)- patriotism is the virtue of the vicious . need I say more ?

  3. There are always differences, but the trick is not letting it separate you, but in using it to bring you closer.

    Sometimes people are just afraid of the unknown.

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