Aida Zabidi
There's something quite lovely about brunch on a Sunday morning. 

Sunday brunch always seems to have that special significance, that idyllic lazy Sunday feel to it that's perfect for lounging around with friends over delicious food. It seems reminiscent of late mornings, waking up with tousled hair and rumpled sheets with birds singing and the sun shining, of light-hearted, warm conversations and the slow starts.

Or perhaps that's just me. :)

Kaleidoscope definitely had that sleep Sunday feel to it. It was a cafe situated on Sydney Road, and had the open, laidback ambience perfect for a girls' brunch out, with waiting staff that had impeccable timing - leaving us with exactly enough time to mull over our orders, but prompt enough to magically hover when we were ready.

I had eggs florentine with salmon, and the eggs were perfectly cooked, with the perfect runny consistency. I like how the yolk spills out when I cut them open, and mopping it up with the toasted rye, added with the saltiness of the salmon. 

The best part was definitely the chai latte, because they gave it to me in a separate little jug, complete with strainer. and separate honey, so I could mix it up to my heart's content, instead of serving some pre-made concoction in a glass. So sue me, it's the little things that count!

Naturally, the perfect ingredient is the company - and catching up with the girls is a sure-fire way of lifting the spirits, with Liz's wit, and Molly's sweetness, and Cristina's self-deprecating humour. It reminds me back to the days of being in Ormond College, and Sunday brunches, for some reason, despite the fact that brunch was usually a recovery session from a late night out before. Nevertheless, they are always fantastic company, and it's always good catching up in these busy times.

Perfect. Or perhaps I was just in a perfect mood. 

Melbourne has a definite abundance of great cafes, and sometimes I feel as if I could go to a different cafe every single Sunday and never run out of choices. Or is it just my headframe today?

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  1. Nazneen Says:

    i agree! melb has great cafes :) I like eating at this one particular cafe on Sydney road, near my campus back then.

    oh and 'quatro' on degrave.

  2. Quattro is good.

    Trotters on Lygon St is pretty good as well. :)

  3. khUthU Says:

    there u go :) amazing

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