Aida Zabidi
Dedicated to PB

It had happened so naturally that night. An unexpected confession, a stolen kiss, and three hours later, here we were, sharing a bed, knowing exactly how this evening would end.

I could feel my pulse racing as he leaned towards me, feeling his lips brush against mine. It surprised me, this burst of passion, considering how I was older, and more experienced in the game, surprised me that I was the one who lost control and pulled him against me, feeling the muscles and sinews tense as we both lost ourselves in the ecstasy of it all.

And there we were, lying beside each other, exhausted. I leant towards him, brushing my fingers against his face.

He flinched, and I sighed. 

“Animals in the wild do this too, you know.”

It always happened this way with the young ones, the confusion, the guilt that crept up after the initial sexual encounter. The questioning. I had seen it before, and I needed to put a stop to it.

“You’re gay. Accept it. You don’t have to rationalize it,” I said, perhaps a little more roughly than I intended.

His face fell at my voice, a shadow of the virile young man I had coaxed into bed with me. His struggle with his sexuality was ongoing, and once again, I curbed my anger and gently pulled him to my chest, feeling the sobs rack his body. 

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    étrange mais vrai, la vie est une question de choix. Pourquoi avons-nous des limites volontairement nos choix, même en matière de sexualité? Mais là encore, qui suis-je le droit de juger les autres?

  2. khUthU Says:

    wuttahell?! :P haha it's.. a discovery. always enjoy reading ur entries, aida. but, this one it's rather more of a discovery.

    started grabbingly dramatic. then the anti-klimaks.. 'ur a gay' (she should check hows junior's doing). a bit of comedic twist in the same line. and, everything seems to read like erotic stories, with teasings.

    thas how we do in the portal sastera :) meant for support, sharing and appreciation. - at least thats how i feel. i say u thru to the next round. see u in hollywood.

  3. hahaha don't know why but this entry makes me laugh (especially the end part)

  4. So the punchline is that the narrator is a guy too? Pretty cool.

    (Btw I'd like to link your blog, is that okay?)

  5. LOL.

    It was written in humour, and probably a bit more melodramatic than I intended it to be, because it was based on real life events.

    And Shaza, go ahead and link if you want to. :)

  6. feels like I'm reading one of Sydney Sheldon's books.. LOL!

  7. Lynx Says:

    nice. i wish i could write about sex that fluidly and with got me hooked.

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