Aida Zabidi
Sometimes, in nights like this I find my thoughts wandering to the past - past loves, past lives, past regrets. At times it seems like so much time has passed and so much has changed, and sometimes it feels like time has passed me by, and it is not me - but my surroundings that have changed so much.

At times I remember a man I once loved and the words he spoke in one of our meetings, nearing our end. I often wonder if those words he spoke were ture, if he really meant the words that he said - or if it was something said to me in a fit of bleaness and despair - and I truly hope in my heart of hearts that it is the latter. For all the things that have happened I wish him well, in both lives. Sometimes words said in the heat of the moment can cause so much pain, and harden the softest of hearts, and I wonder whose heart he wished to harden - mine against him, or his own against his own pain? I know not - it is only the musings of the night that pulls my thoughts his way.

I hope time has softened his heart, and that time will set him back again on the true paths of life, that those words he said were no more than an empty shell, born of heightened emotion.I hope time has brought him peace and happiness, and I pray that he has found the capacity to forgive my for the hurts I have caused him.

We learn from our past, and he has taught me one of the biggest lessons of my life.

I have faith in what will be, and until then, my path is thus.
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