Aida Zabidi
Sometimes I feel it’s strange that this remains a place that I oh so rarely talk about the things that affect my everyday life. I write in layers of prose, winding in and out of my own self-indulgence, as one might wander aimlessly through a hedge maze. Perhaps it is this that is my escape.

Sometimes I wonder why I choose to do so, considering how I always have an opinion for everything, and it would be interesting to record my thoughts for years to come, and reflect on how they’ve changed. That would mean breaking silence.

Perhaps I should.
4 Responses
  1. Miza Says:

    Yes, yes you should.

  2. Al Says:

    writing,to me at least,is a diversion and not an indulgence.maybe,on some level,here's where you seek to escape.

    either way,happy ramadhan aida :D

  3. Yvaine Says:

    like being naked in covert clothing. thats wut it is. they call it sexy. they call it poetry. haha. i do poetry, so. i'm laughing at myself..

    the recording goes as well. it's not that much of a mystery, says the powerful one :P ehem.

  4. Alyaa Says:

    Yeah, you should. Without exposing too much, why not?

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