Miss Aida
People grow apart.

I know we did.

I don’t know what happened.

Or perhaps I do.

My inbox is full from emails of the past, for we used to write to each other all the time. I read them yesterday, and smiled at our naiveté, at our idealism, at our strong words to each other, yours written in a way that is so uniquely you.

And so the years widened the chasm.

And the choice I made presented you with the other, the resolution you made that I do not speak of to anyone.

Yet, the years were kind to me and the other.

We found similarities that I had never realised before, and it seemed that the age gap slowly closed between us, and I found myself missing and appreciating you in a way that I hadn’t had the opportunity to do so before, perhaps because I had been away when you were discovering yourself and coming of age.

I wish the three of us would come together again.

It is my wish for this year, that in the short span we may meet, I will somehow find that strength in ourselves and each other that will overcome the different paths we have taken, and that time really does make that difference.

I need to carry my secrets, the way I always have. The way I have always chosen to shield myself from the ones I love most. It is my way, and whether you agree or disagree with that, I cannot help the choices that are so inherently my own.

I know I made my mistakes.

For that I’m sorry.

But I will always love you. The both of you.

I ask for forgiveness.

That is all.
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    Please dear friend, come by to my space, and leave me your thought, as it is something I dearly sought.



    when the dark one come,
    let not smile to tears it succumb,
    let not fear raise his arrogant thumb,
    let not love be turn to a limping lump,
    in confusion when the dark one come.

    the dark one come,
    not to bring glum,
    but notes sweeter than rum,
    something that our children could hum.


  2. talkin abt writin to each other reminds me of The Lake House

  3. You made me want to go through my inbox.

    I don't know whether it'll make me wept or smile.

  4. Laily Says:

    maybe because we grew up, not necessarily grew apart?

  5. i'll write to you and refresh your inbox, can? (i'm trying to cheer you up here) hehehe.

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