Miss Aida

I wonder if I’ll forever be cursed as the writer of words.

I wonder if there will come a day when I will no longer be defined as anything but a writer, but even that, one day, my words will fade in the annals of time to be forgotten. I wonder I my words have any impact at all, on anyone.

I write for myself, but part of me wonders if I should be aiming for something more.

They talk about making a difference; they talk about words as something with the power to move people.

Is this true?

Can words really soften the hearts of man, can the pen really be more powerful than the sword?

I am a writer of words, but a writer of words is something entirely different from a writer.

A writer has emotion, a writer is able to convey so much more.

Sometimes after I read, I feel replenished, renewed, inspired.

I am transported to a time where swords and shields existed, where wars were waged over faraway lands, I am immersed in the courts of law as a lone detective fights for justice, I am fueled by the rage of heroines, my heart bleeds for the jilted lover and my anger burns for the wronged,

I am a writer of words. Sometimes I wonder if it really is that, nothing more than the splay of words on a piece of paper, or across a screen, words that lie dead and lifeless on the paper they are written on, if my words just sit lifelessly with no role at all.

I wonder if I am able to surpass that, to be a… writer.
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    babe! your words are ALIVE! we love reading your brilliant writings, from the way you choose your words, so wisely, you inspired us to give different, vast interpretations from the masterpieces you've created. this is more than just a personal blog! this is a gift so beautiful,that you could share with the world! way to go, girl!

  2. alyaa Says:

    I believe you can, even if you don't try, because I think you're really good at what you're doing :)

    And I believe it's true, the pen can soften hearts. Yep.

  3. NJB Says:

    i'm not entirely sure what it is about.

    but i always think that a writer is good, or the writings is good, when it has someone who reads it. which u have, obviously. if people somehow read it again. then its better. and i'm pretty sure u've passed it again. and if the life of that person changes inspired by your writings, then obviously u're one heck of a writer.

    and i bet many of us do think u're one heck of a writer.

    u just don't have as much fan as jk rowling thats all heh.

  4. writer of words huh?! i like that. u got it in u, indeed.

    looove reading ur writing since the first day i stumbled upon ur blog. kipidap k! ;-)

  5. Your words have impact, dear miss.

    They have much inspired me over the years, truly.

  6. Lava Says:

    Like everything beautiful,your words could indeed launch a thousand ships.

  7. Rose Says:

    I believe it isn't a choice you make. It is who you are. I never knew I was a writer, even when all I did was write. But now I know. It is not my profession that tells me I'm a writer, even if it is my title. It is the realisation that I need to write in order to keep alive.

    I don't believe you can live without writing Aida. Therefore I believe you are a writer.

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