Miss Aida
Taking blood the first time is scary.

I prepare the trolley, picking out the things I need for the process as the nurse shows me what I need.

Cotton wool. Check.
Alcohol swab. Check.
Tubes. Check.
Tape. Check.
Sharps bin. Check.
Syringe. Check.
Needle. Check.

Light glints off the metal of the needle and I cannot take my eyes off it. I am morbidly fascinated with the metal, with its sharp tapered edge. The thought that I will soon be piercing someone’s skin with that very needle makes my skin crawl.

I smile reassuringly at the patient, but little does she know that my heart is pounding in my ears, that I am as nervous as a teenager on her first date. But she doesn’t need to know, and I put on my most professional face.

I slip on my gloves and slowly attach the needle to the syringe, praying that my hands don’t shake.

I then put the tourniquet on the patient, tentatively feeling for her vein, wondering if I have done things in order. There is is. Strong and steady, and I can feel the pulse bounding strongly under my fingers. I can feel the warmth.

Alcohol swab.

I angle the needle, with the nurse hovering over my back, and slowly slide it in. The patient winces for a second, and I apologize. I can see blood rush into the needle and I quickly lie it flat, and slowly advance it. The nurse hands me a tube and I attach it at the vacuum adapter.

The nurse is chatting to the patient but I tune out as I watch the tube fill with blood.


Flowing freely into the tube, red and warm and bright. It is something that some people cannot look at, that some individuals turn away from. It reminds me of life, of passion, and I marvel at how bright it seems, and how alive it makes me feel. It is the life force within us that keeps us going where we go, and I watch it flow into the tube with a rush of satisfaction.

It feels almost vampiric.

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  1. i hope u are not one of them who tries a few times till they can find the vein...i am not a fan of the needle

  2. first, talking about blood is already scary. haha... but unlike others, i'm the one who kinda easily get fascinated with blood. i guess its the colour. red. i always love red. it represent bravery to some, but to me, red represent love.

    if u r a loyal reader of my blog, u know how much love meant to me in my everyday life. aite?!! reading urs for dunno how many times, i simply can relate with this particular one. it almost feel like reading my own words. i wonder why ek...

    when blood is related to vampire, it leads me to a song called "vampire heart"... my faveret one! hahaha... red, blood, vampire and heart. thats us! :-)

    psst, thanks for ur words of comfort in my blog. appreciated it much! *hugs*

  3. Zaty Says:

    blood talk = scary.

    im terrified of needles, no matter how unpainful the nurse/doctor says injections are >___o

    but i cant stand seeing blood either. especially flowing ones. one of the reasons why i cant be around blood donation places.

    i wish i could donate blood tho. but since i have asthma the medical ppl say im not fit to donate. =(

  4. NJB Says:

    "it feels almost vampiric,"


    u were hungry weren't ya?

  5. I love those blood test in school. I never took biology so I don't know what goes forth of form 4 and 5 biology syllabus.

    well, my blood type is AB+ and thats why I;m a bit happy. Go Figure.

    Once I was warded for my athsma, the nurse was changing the water tube (I don't know what its called) and apparently instead of the water entering my body, my blood was sucked out into the tube for a good 5 minutes before she actually adjust it.

  6. Kishie Says:

    i hate blood. geli.

  7. Well, the golden rule is two misses and you're out. So far I haven't had a problem but I've had very supportive help.

    You can still donate if you're asthmatic. Then again, it depends on how bad your asthma is.

    And yes Njb, I was hungry. :P

  8. I only read this post half way. It's upsetting that I cannot trick myself that it's not happening to me. Your words made it so real as if I could feel you doing that to me.

    Ok going to pengsan now bai


  9. I make it a point to LOOK whenever someone draws blood from me, to see if they're doing it right, etc.Plus I memorize the serial no. on the vial with my blood in it, just to make sure.I'm quite paranoid when it comes my precious blood.*haha*

  10. I'm a smoker with a history of bad athsma and my bloodtype is AB+.

    Just I won't help that much huh doc?

  11. *Guess (not Just).


  12. dania Says:

    It's so descriptive up to a point I could just imagine what it feels like having the presence of thick rich blood with you.

    Passion surpasses all things. It's the best thing to have and the craziest thing if it's too extreme.

  13. Miza Says:

    Ah. Edward Cullen, my love. They miss-cast him. Benci.

    Blood. I like blood. Except when I tak cukup during my period and pengsan. Then I don't like my lackness of blood.

    I'm procastinating. Math final tomorrow.Benci.

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