Miss Aida
It’s in the way his voice softens when he speaks to her.

He is not an emotional man. Quiet, even-tempered and laidback. He is typically emotionally reserved, the way a lot of traditional men are, rarely displaying their emotions because they are so unused to doing so.

Yet, there are the times when the mask drops, revealing a softer side.

As voyeuristic as it seems, I live for moments like those. I love catching the few precious seconds when a man’s face changes, when their demeanour softens, in those few minutes when they think no one is watching and they reveal another side.

It is the way he calls her name, in the different inflections of his voice as when they carry on with their private conversation.

Life has a tendency to change a person, to shield their thoughts, to build walls around their hearts, and sometimes I feel that people walk through life with their barriers constantly up, and I think that men are more likely to be emotionally guarded than women, and some definitely more than others.

It feels privileged to catch a moment of softness, with emotions raw and exposed, only because these moments are so rare. The small nuances of voice, the softening of the face, the gentleness of actions. Small things, and yet these are the things that possibly give life the most meaning. The things that give the world meaning and colour.

It is in the way he speaks to her.
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  1. the-simple-one Says:

    Beautifully crafted in words. I can relate to what is written here. The funny smile that is being displayed in his face when he talks about her,thinks about her. That dreamy glazzy look in his eyes as he stares at her.

    Definitely are the small things that matters to the heart of a girl who has fallen or is falling in love with him.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    SiLeNcE sOmEtImEs CaN bE sO dEaFeNiNg. ShArInG a LiFe WiTh A sEcReT cAn Be AmUsInG pEoTiC*wInK*

  3. bodicea Says:

    moments like this, as brief as it is, would somehow etch themselves in the lover's mind. they may be causes of mended relationships or broken hearts.

  4. just dropped by to say hi!!

  5. dania Says:

    It's the little things that always make the biggest impact in life granted if one knows how to recognise the moment. It is what makes life even more beautiful and instantly manage to give that butterflies feeling.

    And you're one of the many (or few) who has such wonderful gift.

  6. khuthu Says:

    people build up walls coz no learning of wuts inside. one measurement: vulnerable. hence, the containing walls of a character. making a let go is such an intimate thing; sincearity, acceptence and i-need-u kinda thing if u wanna see it beatifully. a man need 200 years of age to learn enuf within this system we're living in.

    and ur beautifull :)

  7. you are very observant, an observant writer indeed.

  8. nice one aida.

    i wonder who?

  9. there is always something really special about young, traditional-mannered men. or a very attractive boy of very few words.

    i'm a total sucker ;)

  10. Anonymous Says:

    is this fact or fiction? cos Amir is soooooooooooooooo emo. :P

  11. Fact. :)

    And wouldn't you guys like to know who.

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