Miss Aida
A friend once asked me, "How do you know he's the one?"

The thing is, sometimes I'm not quite sure I do.

There are times when I look at him and I'm so absolutely sure that he is the man I want to spend the rest of my life with. When my heart sings because I am happy because I am with him. When I am doing nothing but sitting with him and I am content. When he smiles and his eyes light up in such a way that I cannot resist smiling back. It is never one big thing that jumps out at me, but a million and one different things about him that I love so much.

And then there are times when I am not so sure. When our opinions differ on things that are crucial. When the tears of sadness and hopelessness come and insecurities creep up on you. Yet, every single moment of sadness has stemmed from the thought that we might not end up together, tears of a possible ending that I do not wish to happen.

Do I know he's the one?


But I believe any two people can make a relationship work if they are willing to. Relationships are learning curveballs, and there's nothing more personal than letting someone else share your life. I believe that as long as we talk and are able to find that happy medium for the issues that hail our relationship, we will stay strong and we will stay together. I believe that we can grow old and happy together, if we work for it. Sometimes romance isn't everything, and life needs to find a more practical solution to the greatest love stories ever told.

How do I know he's the one?

I believe.
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  1. amal Says:

    Strands of uncertainties will always worry me day and night..

    But I believe that there will be a tiny light at the end of the tunnel... and so I hope.

    U take care, hun..

  2. there isn't a single word on this particular entry that i do not agree with.

    i absolutely agree with u.

    people in our situation, believe.

  3. a lot of people are talking about love nowadays eh?

    maybe it's just the valentine period

  4. DiN Says:

    I don't know, I'll just try to make things ok

  5. Fara Says:

    but knowing is stronger than believing.

    when u meet the one, u just know.
    isnt it? it's like the saying, i don't believe there is a god, I KNOW there is a god. or maybe it's just semantics.

    sorry, was bloghopping.

  6. Out of ALL entries, I love this one best.

    I always believe that when one puts everything in their beliefs and believe all the way, nothing is impossible. :)

    You've my best wishes.

  7. Iz Says:

    a toast..
    to mama and papa asto..:)

  8. LaiLy Says:

    i wish i could be as sure.
    believing is a strong word, especially for me.

    but maybe i'll take your word into consideration :)

  9. everything starts with believing. knowing comes after believing. infact everything comes after believing. without believing, nothing will begin and you're going nowhere.

    atleast i believe in that.

  10. to put knowing first above believing makes one delusional .. hehe .. like blind faith

    this post brings out the cynic in me

  11. priya Says:

    how is it that i always manage to read your blog at the right time? :)

    it betrays my image, but i believe indeed.

  12. If you know, that would take all the fun away, wouldn't it? Hehe.

    I believe too!

  13. Good answer. I guess, you just need to have faith in it.

    This is something you can analyse logically. not because it's illogical. Just simply beyond logic.

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