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Well, since I've now been tagged more than once (thanks, If and Nik), I might as well fulfil my tagged obligations and get to completing the post.

Rule : Tagged person must come up with 8 different points about his/her perfect lover.

Hmm. There are so many connotations to the word lover, that I can't quite help running along the track of a few x-rated thoughts. Deliciously x-rated, but for the sake of those under eighteens, let's keep it mostly platonic. So, as dictated, a letter to my lover.

1. Dear you,

I have unusual ideas about some things, and I need you to be able to listen and digest before taking into consideration and launching into debate, be it for or against my ideas is essential. Even more so that your are able to accept that I may have a different way of thinking, and not hold my differences against me.

2. Lover,

As far as erratic female PMScent behaviour goes, I am probably pretty laidback most times. I don't have mood swings and I don't usually get upset about petty little things. I do however, have the slightest little problem of having a really short attention span. It annoys people because I tend to blurt out something that has caught my attention in the middle of a sentence they are saying, and then resume listening. I don't mean to be rude, but it does happen, so the I need you to be patient enough to accept that. In a religious sense, I need you to be patient in guiding me towards the paths which are right. It might be a slow and difficult road for me, but I need your guidance.

3. Dear heart,

Words are powerful, and I love words for the power they have to mess with your mind, and knowing when to use them at the right time is an amazing and useful gift. To tell me you're sorry about a situation, or to be man enough to apologize for the things you have done. Being able to make me laugh. On a sexual note, being able to turn me on with nothing but the things you say. Dirty talk can be a fun, fun thing, and I want you to be the one that I will be able to play with.

4. Darling,

So I like trying new things. I'm up for most things at least once (unless they're outright illegal, a major sin, or involve heights, and then I most probably draw the line). Anyone who will be able to entertain my occasionally random behaviour is always a plus in my book. If you're the one to initiate new ideas and new things, that's even more of a bonus. I can't try something I've never heard of! Plus, being adventurous is always a plus in the bedroom. ;)

5. Dear you,

Sometimes I'm just not in the mood, and it may have nothing to do with you. You need to have the basic understanding that women are not always up for sex, and not take refusal to heart. That said, an understanding of the word "No" when what I really mean to say is "Yes" may induce an unexpected romp of sorts. Sometimes you need to understand that the way I feel is a passing moment, and I will soon come around and apologize or smile again. And sometimes you need to understand that I need you here beside me holding my hand. I am not asking you to read my mind, but I know you will come to understand my body language. That intuition is endearing, and makes you all the more perfect.

6. Awak,

I like having my friends and I like you having yours. I like the fact that you encourage me to do my own thing, and I like you having a life on your own. There's nothing less fun than being joined to the hip. As much as I love spending time with you, even the closest of souls need time apart. On that same thought, I would hate to be stopped from doing something I want to do, for I would expect you to trust the choices I make, and not fall into the trap of jealousy or paranoia.

7. Lover,

I love the way you touch. And I love the way you shiver when I touch you. And I look forward to seeing how much more sensitive you are when time permits.

8. Dearest heart,

Am I selfish to want to be loved wholly for me and only for me, despite the wear and tear that age might bring? Am I needy to need to know that I am loved? Despite a large part of my independence, I am most comfortable knowing that you are mine and I am yours, and that that love is unconditional.

It was hard picking eight different characteristics when you've already found someone that sets your heart a-flutter, because you end up loving each and every bit about them. Lists are merely guidelines, but in the end, your perfect lover is perfect because you are blinded by love and passion, and sometimes, that can be a wonderful thing.

Yours sincerely,
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