Miss Aida
Feel the liquid silver run through your body.
Feel the adrenaline pumping through your veins.
Feel your heart quicken as the beat pounds in time with your heart.

Your body cannot help but want to move to the jungle rhythm in your head.
Your feet cannot help but shuffle to the beat you not only hear, but feel with every fibre of your body.
Your shoulders cannot help but move along with the percussion.
Your hips cannot help but to shake to that building tempo.

One, two.

One, two, three, four.

Jungle drums, beating, beating in your head, and you move with the beat. Lose yourself, lose yourself and dance like no one's watching, and you gyrate with the passion of someone who has found a long-lost lover. Feeling yourself come alive with the music, and you dance faster and faster and your heart starts pumping harder and harder. Throwing yourself into the melody, heart and soul as the music reaches a crescendo, and you dance like you've never danced before, like a person posesesed by the sheer energy of the ascending rhythm.

And then it all stops.

And you're left drenched in your own sweat, but more alive than you have ever been.

And you realise you've been sleepwalking through life.
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