Miss Aida
The pulsating, throbbing rhythm reverberates through every cell as I weave my way through the mass of writhing bodies. I scan the crowd in fascination, taking in the multitude of people. Faces dripping with sweat, individuals sporting mohawks and various other unusual hairdos. Ravers with their fluorescent patterns on various parts of their clothing. People dressed up with wings and halos, coming to party with the angels. And various others, prepared to brave the sweat and the heat of the crowd.

"Welcome to Godskitchen!"

The voice sounds disembodied, but the crowd roars, and I am reminded of the scene from Matrix II, where Morpheous addressed the crowd. Only, as I smile to myself, I'm sure the Matrix didn't quite have people shooting themselves up with various drugs in the middle of the floor. I catch James' eye, and he smiles at me, almost ferally. There's an unleashed excitement building up inside him, as is with the rest of the crowd, and I brace myself for the impact.

Then the light show starts and I am dazzled. Dazzled by the bright lights that pulsate and blink and swirl around with the music, the only light in this dark room filled with thrashing bodies and throbbing music, and I too let myself go with the crowd. Letting the music fill me as I dance like there's going to be no tomorrow, glancing occasionally at Iyra and Hugh as they too seem to dance mindlessly, almost trancelike with the music.

It was like being trapped in an alternate universe, where time was inconsequential, and reality was blurred. Where nothing existed but the music and the lights.

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