Miss Aida
"Are you always this sexy with chocolate?" he wants to know, as I share my passion on the subject, and I smile at his question and quirk an eyebrow.

Eating chocolate is an art.

I break off a small piece and let it rest on my tongue, letting the warmth melt the chocolate and coat my tastebuds. Savouring the first coat of warm, melted chocolate, tasting the creaminess as it slides down my throat.

Letting the taste sink in as I close my eyes and indulge as the sweetness spreads through my body. The creaminess of milk chocolate. The sweetness of the white. The slightly bitter headiness of dark chocolate. The taste intensified a hundred times as I concentrate on the taste on my lips, and on my tongue.

There are the different variations, which include nuts and fillings, and each and every piece presents it's own delicate pleasure, in the contrast of the consistency. The smoothness of chocolate and the solidness of the nuts and the slight granularity of the fillings.

I like small bites. Licking and nibbling until I can no longer resist the temptation and let myself indulge in the pleasure it brings me. Letting the filling spill unto my tongue. Tasting the different textures. So different, yet so wonderful together.

I was never very good as resisting temptation.

My weakness. My art. My passion.

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