Miss Aida
One finds comfort in the strangest of places at times.

I barely knew him. We had met, but hadn't had the opportunity to get to know each other really well. We smiled at each other in the hallway and were friendly when we met, but I still barely knew him.

Yet, he happened to cross my path at the time. I meant to comfort him and offer words of advice for the hard time he was going through. I never meant to open up about my own sadness but he was unwittingly warm, and sensitive, and oh so gentle and I found myself pouring my heart out to him.

And he listened to me, and sympathized with my tears, and offered his shoulder for me to cry on, despite my adamant protests and embarassment for breaking down in front of him. The night was cold and silent, and in the silence, I only heard his words.

"Don't forget, I'm only a floor away."

That night I found solace with someone I barely knew. We knew each other, only on the surface, but that night, we opened up and things changed forever.
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