Miss Aida
Friends forever, we once said.

Promises we once held to our hearts, convinced of the purity and strength of those bonds of friendship. Friendships taken for granted because of the close proximity we shared, but at the time, convinced that time would not erode those bonds. Certain that we would never lose the laughter, the playful banter, the spirit of the moment.

Then we moved apart, and our lives became filled with the hustle and bustle of work and university and social activities, and the phone calls and e-mails became less frequent, and days turned into weeks, and weeks into months before we cross each other's minds again, and we realise how far apart we've grown. The physical distance becoming a distance of hearts.

And despite wanting to make that extra effort to say hello, wanting to know how each other has been, uncertainty becomes a barrier, and the flames of friendship become dying embers of a time that once was. And our next meeting is one of strangers, with the polite reservedness of those who are uncertain of the other.

This is a tribute to those friends.

To those times we had those random Freecell competitions and those walks to Atria, to the random craving for ABC and the drive down to Uptown regardless of the pouring rain. Before we went different places and became different people.

To those times in Victoria Hall where we would hang out during dinner, or just whenever we were bored, or that impromptu decision to drive four hours to Great Ocean Road in the middle of the night. Before we all moved and grew busy.

To those times we would go bowling and shopping at Pyramid, and those times at Coffee Bean where I would convince you to buy me a vanilla Ice Blended. Before we grew up and got different sets of friends.

To just hanging out at night at each other's houses until the early hours of the morning, talking about who we were and the people we've become. Our futures, and vowing we would be there for each other regardless of what happened. Thank you for that.

To those talks during supper, and the random chats whenever the urge struck, dropping by each other's rooms to talk, or had whole get togethers to play board games. We had such fun. Before our schedules became busy.

To just watching movies, curled up under the sheets, or playing Heroes of Might and Magic till the early hours of the morning, just making fun of each other and talking and laughing the night away. Before things changed and we changed.

To the times I would knock on your balcony door and you would let me in, and we would sit and have tea and talk. Just spending time talking, about nothing and everything in particular. Before distance made a difference.

Here's to those memories I cherish, and carry in my heart, for the smiles I spent and the laughter we shared. Some friends I have grown apart from, and some I have grown closer to, but I miss each and every one.

Friends forever, we once said. And in my heart, we are.
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