Miss Aida
So that's what they call a summer fling.

He came unexpected, with the winds of chance. I was attending a friend's open house, and he happened to be there as her older brother's guest. He caught my eye briefly, and I thought he was cute, but other things distracted me. We barely spoke, barely exchanged the slightest of social trivialities. And then I left without a second thought.

I didn't expect for him to get my number through a third party. I didn't expect him to have the nerve to call. Intrigued at his boldness, I agreed to meet this stranger. An act of impulse as opposed to my normal cautious self. And I'm glad I did.

I found a person I could relate to, with similar ideals, a person I could talk to for hours on end. He made me feel comfortable and he made me laugh. He amused me with stories of his backpacking days and his current working life. His enthusiasm for life, his relaxed nature, his optimism, his streak of confidence, all made him seem all the more interesting.

Our meetings were rare, due to his work schedule, but I looked forward to them. I could have never anticipated how at ease I felt with him. The twists of fate are unexpected. I would not have seen myself going out with someone like him, merely because of social differences. I learnt that sometimes one needs to step out of their comfort zone before they realise what they could be missing.

My closest friends, and my sisters, maintain that I cannot understand what they go through in their respective relationships. Why women do the things they do. I cannot deny my ignorance concerning matters of romance, save for pure logic, and this has not changed. All that has changed is that I have gained a different perspective. And perhaps, my heart.

I cannot say what might have happened had I stayed here. If we would have fought, or bored of each other. As it is, the only things I have are the memories, and the knowledge that I have made a new friend.

He was not my boyfriend, and there were no commitments. No words were said, no romantic goodbyes. And as I smile to myself on Valentines Day, surrounded by friends I love, my eye catches the chocolates he gave me as we passed each other in the airport, and I appreciate the lessons I have learnt. The gain of a greater appreciation of the people in my life, the ones who will pass in and out and teach me a little more about living and life.

Happy Valentines Day.
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