Miss Aida
It's three in the morning and I've just been wandering the halls of Ormond with Nik and Charlie trying to look for the security guard to get him to open the Vesti kitchen so we could fry some nuggets for Sahur. Couldn't find Ryan (the security guard). Funny that, although I have a mild suspicion I know exactly where he is, and don't exactly want to extrapolate what he would be doing in the situation I imagine him to be in.

Swot Vac's started. Got a week to go before exams formally kick in. Am making good time with my lectures, although I doubt I'll be able to finish everything I want to before the first exam starts. I think it's going to be a case of covering the most important materials first before going on to less important stuff. I wish I knew what was more important in the whole spectrum of the semester though. It sucks going into an exam not knowing what exactly to focus on and to have found out that you've been studying a lot of random shit.

Stuff has been building up throughout the week. Tense undercurrents between friends, and it's all cumulated into this whole explosive mess, which everyone in the same social circle has been sucked into. And complicated much, much further by other issues. The involvement of a person who has no idea how he's involved. It's going to be messy, but hopefully the saying what doesn't kill us all will make us stronger, as friends.

The week couldn't have started off in a more bizarre way, in ways only a few friends and I know of. Stuff that I would have never expected to happen. Things that I never expected to find out, leaving me reeling, angry, frustrated, just plain disbelieving. Events of the past, and new information about friends I previously thought I knew. But that's life for you.

****** EDIT *******

Nik's birthday was on the 28th of October, and we went out for dinner at this awesome Thai restaurant. It was such an incredibly classy place, with a piano player and everything! It reminded me a little of a hotel restaurant. Good turnout as well, considering how close it was to the exams. Hugh, Liz and Onagh got drunk playing beer pong and didn't make it. I was so offended with Hugh after, but he was properly apologetic. Argh. If they did that for my birthday, I'd be incredibly pissed off.

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