Miss Aida
The irony. I'm supposed to go on a fantastic holiday to Sydney and Canberra. See the states. Have made plans to hook up with various friends. Not just my Petronas friends, but Ormond people who are going to be in Sydney as well. I was looking forward to it. Sort of.

I'm supposed to go to Canberra and meet up with Tengku, who I kinda miss. I haven't seen him for ages. Meet up with Sam, who's going to drive me down from Sydney. Meet up with Hugh, who I'm already missing, and hang out with him on his home turf. I was excited about the possibilities.

It was going to be one huge party. I was excited. I was going to paint the town red. Meet up with old friends and new friends. Explore the cities, and for once, the nightlife.

Then the fatigue hit. The idea of spending a week doing absolutely nothing seemed more appealing. Lounging around on Picken Lawn, sketching or reading a book and taking advantage of Melbourne's short spell of good weather. Getting to know the other guys in Ormond a bit better, spending more time with people I've only started to get to know. Admittedly, there were certain incentives for staying. Being able to play the piano at leisure without the company of other people's curious ears. Laidback nights playing Settlers of Catan. Complete run of the college. Admittedly, the possibility of more late night conversations with him, a repeat of Friday's incidence. And as nerdy as it sounds, a chance to actually catch up on work.

Tickets were booked and paid for, and promises had been made though. I resigned myself to going and tearing up the town. It would still be a good holiday.

Then, news struck. A close friend from Perth would be coming down on the same dates I would be gone. I cannot believe it. A guy I could've sworn who would have never come to Melbourne suddenly mentions that he was going to be down. I was looking forward to playing tour guide should he ever come. And he's coming as I leave.

#1 is returning as I leave.
#2 is leaving as I come.

'Tis but a cruel twist of fate. There are sometimes circumstances I wish I could change. But I can't. I can't change the way I feel. And I can't change the fact that I don't physically have enough time to do all the things I want to do. I can't control my emotional responses. Those are primitive, and instantaneous. I can't control the actions of others.

The only thing I can control is the way I choose to react. And I choose to forget every damn issue I don't have any control over and make the most of my holiday. It's going to be good. :)
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