Miss Aida
There seems to be a touch of the flu going around at the moment - no one's been able to escape the wretched bug. It would choose to sic itself on me on one of the heaviest weeks I've had to go through -a week where my social calendar is full and where my academic workload is at an all time high. The constantly blocked nose, the dull ache in my joints, and the hacking cough. All not pretty.

Still, I managed to recover sufficiently for Eddie's 19th last night. It wasn't the huge piss-up I half expected it to be, instead we had dinner at a nice Japanese place and hung out at a really cool lounge on Swanston Street. There was a strange mix-up with the place we were originally supposed to go, the bar claiming they were close despite Eddie having called up the day before to tell them that we were coming on the day. I think Eddie must have been cut that his plans didn't work out; I think he felt responsible for all of us having a good time. I think the night worked out well anyway...

VQ, the bar we ended up at, had a really good, laidback atmosphere, and funky disco lights. The disco lights do it for me everytime! I don't think we did too badly, considering it was in the middle of the week. I enjoy just hanging out and talking, without any of the pressure to indulge in wild partying. Take it all in stride. We ended up taking shots of Hugh in pimp shots. Funny as.

December seems to be a good month to conceive, because I've been going out to no end to celebrate birthdays - it's all become one never-ending blur of parties and birthdays... and there are still a couple more to go. Sam had his last week, Eddie's this week, and Kirsty's the week after. And I know there are several other people who are having birthdays this month as well. Argh.

Somehow I ended up walking back from the city with Charlie and Daniel. In some perverse way, I think I enjoy walking back from the city, although I admit that when I'm wearing some killer heels, I'm the first to bitch. I've barely ever spoken to Daniel, and Charlie's the resident new guy. Yesterday was the first time I ever spoke up to him, and he turned out to be a really interesting character; he's got a wicked tongue and acid humour.

By the time we got back to college, it was 3 in the morning and I still had work to do for my tute the next day. Charlie had work at 6, so we decided to pull an all-nighter. He rocked up to my room in the early hours of the morning, and just talked through the night. It's always great when you find someone you get along with and can talk stuff through, especially if it's someone you've just met. He says and does the most random things, but we seem to mesh on an intellectual level. Hopefully I've made a new friend.
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