Miss Aida
The concert was a potential tragedy - the date changed without me even realising it until the day before the concert (thanks, Josh, for telling me!)... I totally freaked out the evening before the concert. I had high hopes for the evening, running around planning the course of events.

I went with Josh and we met up with a couple of his friends. One of them, Sharon*, was this absoulutely gorgeous chick with a leather jacket I would kill for. Apparently Sharon's lesbian and a total Pink fan. I'm never sure how to react when someone introduces me to someone else using those lines. "Hi, this is X. She's lesbian and a Pink fan." Hmm. Anyway, all three of us were getting pretty excited about the concert, and the crowd atmosphere in the mosh pit just added to it.

Old rocker women, young teenaged girls, shaved-headed biker chicks, a couple of lesbians (I'm serious), the random looking nerd (ie me), fathers and their children, mothers and their children, boyfriends with their girlfriends, the mad, shrieking fans in pink furry boots, and the punks.

The introducing band were pretty good, they had some really good songs. The lead singer was this totally funky chick who rocked! All in the girl power theme, I suspect. The crowd was a strange mixture. Everyone was getting hyped up and impatient waiting for Pink to make her entrance.

I'll say one thing: The posters warning us the show contained adult material didn't lie. Her three female (well, two definite female and one male with tits/female with dick) dancers were wild! From the gyrating hips to the boob-shaking to the pole dancing, to the group-sex-dance-scene, to the blow up dolls in Lady Marmalade were v. sexual. Explicit. I particularly enjoyed the part where everyone was getting up close and personal to the blow-up dolls (representing Mya, Christina and Missy) and Pink stopped singing suddenly. Apparently Christina;s arm had fallen off. However, I was not prepared for the whole stripping scene where the dancers did a total striptease. Three chicks cavorting about onstage with thongs and nothing but tape covering their nipples.

That wasn't to say that her singing wasn't good though. No, the woman can definitely sing - she's got fantastic vocals and she definitely pleased the fans with her range of songs from all three albums. There was a good mixture there. Crowd pleasers like her singles "God is A DJ" and "Get the Party Started" had the crowd going. It was fast-paced, and she had excellent rapport with her band, especially her hot female bassist and totally hot drummer. Mmm. The crowd's reaction to her comment about her back-up singer liking boys and girls was very, very enthusiastic. Sharon got really excited about that.

It was a fantastic concert. Worth every cent. The fantastic position I was in helped as well (about the third row from the stage).

Stopped by Iyra's apartment after cause she was celebrating her birthday. I missed the whole cutting-the-cake and opening presents thing, but I suppose it's the thought that counts. I was quite late, and people had alread left. Fabian, Pin Jun, Harv, Halim, Yin, Nadiah, Ruth and Nik were still there though. Comes from being that late - ended up being glued to the screen watching Aliens. Nik slept over cause she was going for a trip the next day, and Fabian and Pin Jun walked home with me. Or rather, being too lazy to walk in the cold, wet weather, we hailed a cab to bring us back to Ormond (which is a 10-minute walk).

* Name has been changed.


Went to Max Brenner again today, with Chris, Greg and Shehara. It's unusual, cause we hang out a fair bit, with lectures and tutes and all that, but we've never really gone out as a group - just us med kids. It was good fun, though, cause they're naturally very interesting people. They've got this sarcastic vibe thing going on, which I suspect might have something to do with Queenslander blood. Greg and Shehara hail from the Sunshine State and Chris was born there. Hmm.

It was absoulutely freezing today and Chris only had his slippers on! Apparently he needs a new pair of shoes. It's very typical of a guy to wear out his stuff before buying new things. My dad does that all the time. Max Brenner was totally full, but we were lucky enough to get a table.

We were just sitting there when I discovered I had my camera in my handbag. Cue for my favourite activity - random photographs. It was quite funny at one point because I switched modes from camera to video and everything I directed the camera towards them, Chris and Greg would put on their "I'm on camera" faces. Greg has the cutest poses sometimes. :)

We always talk about bizarre things. I have no idea how the conversation turned to techniques of cleaning your tongue (?!), for instance. Maybe it's something to do with doing medicine that warps your conversation. The med kids always amaze me, though, cause they're incredibly sharp about most things. It's always fun talking with them though, cause they're always poking fun at each other.

Totally unrelated : I had fondue again. Yum.
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