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When Hugh and I walked down the night before to sign up for smoko (an Ormond term for parties) tickets, we were told they were sold out. That was so totally not funny. We were gutted! It was awful, being college kids and not even being able to get into our own college's party. Well, I don't think anyone actually expected the smoko tickets to sell out! Hugh managed to get a ticket the night before, and he was all like, "No, we'll flip for it." I wasn't going to take his ticket away from him, considering that he would probably enjoy it more than I would. It was nice of him to offer it, and he was dead serious about it as well. Admittedly, I was more than a little down, but I suppose it wasn't the end of the world.

The blinking light on my telephone the next morning told a different story: Hugh actually managed to get me a ticket! (Hugh, you darling, thank you for the effort!) Well, I was stoked! I was going to head down to Savers with Chris and Greg later to pick out a costume when Chris dropped his bombshell – he didn't feel like going. That left Greg and I trying to persuade him to go, with Greg being his usual straightforward self.

Well, when Greg left and Chris and I were alone, we got to talking and it turned out that he felt awkward at social events. Aww. Join the club, babe, you're talking to the number one anti-social chick here. I always feel incredibly awkward at first – I worry about being an outcast and no one wanting to talk to me and I told him that. I guess we bonded then, cause he told me at least I made the effort. And he would try as well. J The boy is such a sweetheart. Greg must have wondered how I sweet-talked Chris into going when he came back.

Went to Savers, looked around for possible costumes for the night. I love the fifties! Think Grease. Think pencil skirts and V-shaped necklines. Think the Pink Ladies. Think classy men in those stylish hats. Think the cardigans. It was fun looking for something to wear, and I have to admit the highlight of the evening was Greg trying on a dress (which turned out to be extremely flattering – he's got a great body to fit in a dress, as strange as this might sound). I was laughing too hard to snap a photo, but that was priceless. I love Savers. Cheap, cheap clothes. It's all second-hand stuff and the downside about being in Australia – you hardly ever find anything small. L

Met Ashiq's friend Michael during dinner; this totally friendly Italian guy that talks with a classic Italian accent. I like. :D He's incredibly social – he has this knack of making you feel right at home, and a great technique of just turning around and introducing himself. Mental note: Learn from him, some things can't be taught and social skills is one of them. Absolute genius, that boy.

…. Time for the smoko!

Only downside – we realised Molly didn't have a ticket at the last minute! She didn't tell us! Well, we had a plan, I would come and get her after, once everyone was too drunk to actually notice. It worked out well, considering I had paid for a drinking ticket and I don't drink at all. She could have my share of alcohol. :P

It was one of the best parties I'd been to – I felt like I was caught in a time warp! It really was like stepping into the fifties! Quick fashion recap: Declan, Chris and Sam all had the fifties gentleman thing going on in their suits, and Greg opted for the 'grandfather's cardigan' thing. Katie and Liz had these gorgeous dresses on, complete with puffed out skirts and fifties jewellery. Hugh did the Fonz hairdo, courtesy of Liz's genius. It looked really different on that boy… I could see his face for once! Kirsty had this great lace dress on as well, although it was more twenties than fifties. Oh well, great fashion is great fashion. Grease seemed to be the inspiration for the night, with heaps of people walking about in the coolest leather jackets ever which I'm currently lusting after. Also spotted Steph and Amy walking about in Pink Ladies baby-tees.

I loaned Jess's camera for the night, so I did what I do best – take heaps and heaps of pictures. It was probably photographer's heaven for me, cause everyone looked so fantastic! It's too bad that everyone else was too drunk to actually comprehend the request, "Take a full length photo!" The atmosphere was great because everyone really made the effort to dress up and fit in with the theme. I don't think people would be that enthusiastic back in Malaysia.

I enjoyed it a lot more because I was probably the only sober person walking around (with a camera to document all those not-so-accommodating situations)! I really don't understand sometimes how people can still drink that much alcohol knowing the potential harm they're doing to themselves. Not just physically, but they're setting themselves up for potentially harmful or embarrassing situations (more often the latter than the former, when it concerns college parties). I came, I saw, I laughed. No different than other smokos I've been to.

Truthfully, I go for the company. I love hanging out with everyone, and drunk or not, they're still my friends. I know a whole lot of people who were a little too tipsy for their own good, like a certain guy who was running around giggling his little heart out, or a certain pair of good friends who were almost tripping over each other in their happily inebriated moods, or a certain guy whose hands I had to keep holding because they would start wandering to off-limit zones when I wasn't looking. All in a night. And the gossip! Boy, did that flow! I found out lots of interesting things – alcohol does tend to loosen the tongue. I suspect that's how rumours spread around college, people tell things without meaning to. I know the latest goss on who's getting it on with who, who did what and where and when, the latest crushes, scandals and events. All v. well and good.

The dance floor was pretty good as well. I love dancing. I'm convinced I look like a bit of an idiot but I love the way the bass vibrates through my body, the way you dance along to the rhythm of the music. I went in with Chris, Declan and Greg and Shehara joined us after awhile. I have to admit I couldn't stop laughing a lot of the time. Greg and Chris had these zany dance moves to 'Can't Touch This', it really makes me wonder what they did during their childhood. Plus, Chris kept running his fingers through his hair, which ended up standing up on end at the end of the night as compared to his previous Cary Grant inspired side part. It looked hilarious. Oscar and Fop attempted breakdancing in the middle of the dancefloor at one point, which wasn't too bad, considering how drunk they were.

Went out for awhile and the moment I walked back in, Chris said he had been looking for me. Aww. Ended up dancing with him for the rest of the night. Being the total gentleman, he actually thanked me for dancing with him. Said it was fun and that he didn't feel awkward at all. Maybe it's because I know he's attached and I sincerely like his girlfriend. Maybe it's because I feel comfortable with him. Maybe it's because we're good friends. Anyway, I told him it was because I was probably an equally bad dancer, to which his immediate response was, "Don't be silly. You look natural." I'm so flattered at the moment. Heh heh.

I barely managed to wake up for my 10 o'clock lecture this morning but I did! I'm so proud of myself!
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