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There's something about being approaching twenty that seems to have an ominous ring about it. Strange, how the mere change of the suffix 'teen' behind the word brings a distinct sense of bringing change... somehow losing the connotations of youth. I suppose turning twenty is symbolic of more that just age. No longer shall I be the fresh-faced teenager filled with youthful idealisms, turning twenty symbolizes another phase of my life. To quote Chris, "I'm not worried about crow's feet or aging, I'm wondering about the added responsibilities that come with it."

I suppose I am. Or am I really? I'm not sure what to expect.

I have no idea where or what I'll be doing on the 12th of April this year; but somehow I suspect it's going to be some 'me-time'. Most of my college friends have returned to their various states (with sincerest birthday wishes and the lot); most of my Malaysian friends will be attending the Autumn Gathering, which I don't quite have the energy to take part in this year. It'll be a day for self-pampering, that's for sure. :) I enjoy solitude sometimes... Although I like having people around, as evidenced by college life, I've lost out on the times I use to self-contemplate.

I want to sit on the green grass of the parks, underneath the blue skies of Melbourne with the sun shining , with no deadlines, no classes, no pressure to move or rush to any social activity whatsoever and just... sketch. Or read. Or sleep (Ive always wanted to sleep in the shade of a cool tree in the park). Mere things that people love doing... but somehow never make time for. Perhaps on my birthday my musings will be made into reality.

We'll see.
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