Miss Aida
Mm... Thanks to my darling sister for helping me update the blog layout. :) Love you lots!

To add to my mild euphoria, the Easter holidays have just begun! As of 100 this afternoon, I am officially on holiday for a grand total of 10 days! Not much, but with the hectic pace of uni life, any break is very much welcomed.

I'm going down to Geelong with Chris for a couple of days, and he'll be showing me around. It's incredibly sweet of him, to offer his services as a 'tour guide', and his house for the night. I think he might be mildly amused by my exclamations of "Oh, I'm so excited!". But I am! It's different from a resident in Australia to go to another suburb. It doesn't hold the same charm and sense of adventure that it does for me.

I might head over to Chris's room now. Oh, I'm so excited!
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