Aida Zabidi
I woke up with the alarm, and even in your sleep you reached out to me to pull me close. I smiled as I snuck my head at the curve of your shoulder, enjoying the warmth and your scent. The sudden swell of emotion takes me by surprise, the bubbling happiness inside my heart as I gaze at your face.

Has it really been more than two years?

I marvel that I still feel the same about you as I did before we got married, that we still want to hold hands, and dance with each other and hug, that we still sit next to each other and play the PlayStation with the same enjoyment that we’ve had before. 

That when we fight, it usually ends up in us emphasizing how much we want this relationship to work. That we still make sure we kiss each other before we go to work and before we go to bed. 

Are these our relationship goals? They’re not bad ones to still have, years down the line.

I asked you “Do you love me as much as you did before we got married?” 

“Yes. Maybe more.”

Like the lyrics of a Bon Jovi song, “We got each other, and that’s a lot for love - we’ll give it a shot.” I know that two years is nothing but a drop in the sea of life, and that we'll face more challenges in the years to come, but like how we've committed to this relationship, we'll take everything head on, one day at a time.

Many kisses Behr, until no more kisses remain.
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