Aida Zabidi
I had such an amazing time in Morocco.

It really was an easy country to love, and such a beautiful one - filled with rugged landscapes and colour, and so much unexplored territory. The locals were so friendly, and we had good food everywhere.

We went from the desert to the mountains to the seaside, explored the bustling souks and haggled until we couldn't haggle anymore. We conversed to locals with sign language and broken English, and enjoyed the beautiful riads in the different parts of the country. We took photos in the Blue City, and the colourful markets.

Go in the months which are not quite as hot, and travel with locals. We chose to go with Mustafa from Morocco Cheap Travels and were very happy with their services, they were professional, friendly and very flexible.

You can walk most places, and transport in both Marrakech and Fez were reasonable, especially if travelling in a group of three. 

For photos, check out the hashtag #MarocRendezvouz on Instagram!

Moroccan Rendezvouz from Aida Zabidi on Vimeo.
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