Aida Zabidi
Apparently today is International Doctors Day. 

When I decided to embark on this journey, I couldn't quite foresee how extensive it would be, and how much I would be changed by the conscious choice to embrace the Hippocratic Oath. 

The field of medicine is so vast, and I'm forever thankful to have been exposed to wonderful mentors and had the opportunity to rotate around a variety of departments until I found a field to call my own. 

There is so much I have had the opportunity to learn as a doctor - to speak gently, to break bad news, to be able to stand by my patients in their grief, and on the other side of the spectrum, to share their joy and thankfulness. 

Sometimes the learning curve isn't just about the science and the knowledge. 

I learnt to dream big from my specialists in infectious disease, who played a crucial role in getting RVD drugs introduced and subsidized in Malaysia. I gained confidence and overcame a fear of public speaking through my orthopaedic postings. I learnt the importance of teamwork through my emergency rotation, and how to appreciate the importance of primary care through my community posting. 

I'm thankful to have had the opportunities I've had in my short career so far, and it's changed me as a person for the better. To my fellow colleagues, wherever you are and wherever you are going, it may seem like an uphill battle at times, and it may seem like the world doesn't quite understand - but medicine truly is a calling. 

Keep fighting the good fight. 

Happy Doctors Day!
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