Aida Zabidi
One of our colleagues has the luxury of always having a home cooked lunch, courtesy of his loving mother. 

The rest of us were out at lunch, and invariably this led to the conversation about cooking and eating out, with another colleague expressing her amazement at his mother's dedication. 

I rarely cook myself; often I find myself back home and tired after work (and yes, lazy - especially when most of the time it isn't my kitchen and I have no idea what ingredients are available). 

Anyway, I try and cook on the rare occasion - usually about once a month. That's the positive. The downside is usually I try new recipes - and my family is often the victim of my experimenting. There are times when mum has actually refused to eat my cooking because it's not up to standard. T_T There are times when my husband makes jokes that if we ever have children, they're going to grow strong on spaghetti bolognaise (because hey everyone's got their one saving grace). 

Anyway inspired by the conversation I had at lunch and being bored of eating outside food, I cooked today. First I tried to defrost some chicken... only it turned out not to be chicken, but some a combination of beef and lungs that were so frosted over I really thought they were white meat. 

Then I used salty soy sauce instead of normal soy sauce, which made the dish turn out rather salty. 

And then dad bought the wrong chicken cuts. T_T 

... Needless to say this cooking gig is gonna take some work.
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