Aida Zabidi
I think my parents are starting to feel their mortality. Mama watched some movie about old people living out the end of their lives and ended up not being able to sleep because she felt too sad. I know she often has moments where both her and dad go through empty nest syndrome, despite us all being relatively nearby, we don't drop by as often as I would like.

It's a reminder to myself that my parents are getting older. There was a time where my parents needed to comfort me and wipe away my tears, and it's a strange realization that there will be moments where my parents might be as vulnerable as I once was and I'll need to reassure them that I'm still there, and that I still love them. 

As much as I'm becoming an adult, I'll always be their daughter and it's so important to appreciate the time I have with my family and loved ones. 

Life is fleeting and death is a certainty, but it's how you live those moments in your life that makes all the difference. 

Sometimes, understanding that certainty just makes life all the sweeter.
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