Aida Zabidi
I had forgotten how much I loved music. 

Sitting there underneath the bright lights, the world faded away as the orchestra played the first notes of Gershwin, and in those very first notes, the stage was already set. 

Everyone talks about music, and it has become so much of everyday life that I forget how music can truly transport you, to bring you to another world – until today. It was not my first time attending an orchestra, but it had been so long since I’d found the time to truly sit and listen to music on it’s own, not as a background to my daily life. 

It was perfect. 

As the violins sang, and the bass hummed, as the string instruments came together in this wonderful crescendo; to watch the instruments and their masters ebb and fall to the encouragement of the conductor, it was nothing short of magical to sit down in the audience and just let myself go. To be lulled by the gentle tinkle of the harps, and be heightened as all the whole orchestra came together in the finale of the symphony. To close my eyes, and let the music flow over me. 

It was a fantastic night at the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra. 

Even for those who don’t appreciate classical music, there’s still something so beautiful about the way an orchestra comes together, that something to technical and precise comes together to create a something that touches the soul. 

For those interested, the Philharmonic's season details can be found here.
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