Aida Zabidi
It was the first day of my solo leg of my trip, starting as I sent off my best friend to the airport. It was the first time I was travelling alone, and there’s something daunting about travelling alone in a new country – but a girl’s got to earn her stripes. 

With horrific weather and a few requests from people back home, I headed to the Prada outlet to fulfil a few obligatory requests. The best thing about travelling is the people you meet. 

As I was sitting on the train, the girl opposite me was this gorgeous, impeccably dressed lady who kept looking at herself in the window reflection. As we struck up a conversation, I discovered she was a Croatian who was currently interning at Prada with hopes of becoming a full fledged staff member at the end of the year. As it was, she was on the train on the way for a meeting. It was a dream she had been chasing since she discovered fashion in her teens and I wished her all the best in her pursuit. 

Finally disembarking the stop, I ended up at the sleepy town of Montevarchi and walked down to the taxi stand. I ended up chatting to two British girls who were buyers who would come to Rome for the latest fashions, and bring them back to London to sell or for inspiration for the company that they worked for. We realized we had been waiting for a cab for awhile – and it turned out the whole town was serviced by the one cab, and no one had seen it for awhile. In the end, one of the girls popped into the local pub and managed to talk someone into giving us a ride to the outlet. 

Travelling alone always opens you up to meeting new people, as long as you keep yourself open to the experience – and I find the stories you hear often make up the best part of your trip! 

For those travelling to the outlet, just grab a train from Santa Maria Novella and disembark at Montevarchi. It's a half hour journey, and a ten minute cab ride from the station which should set you back about EU12. Worth it if you like your Prada!

You can find Space at:
Via Levanella Becorpi | Localita Levanella, S.S. 69, Montevarchi, Italy
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