Aida Zabidi
The face of news is changing. 

Social media has made everything so fast paced that it becomes a norm, or a temptation to share everything online. 

On the surface it sounds well enough – the ease of sharing something, the easy spread of information. That overflow of information however does not necessarily reflect an increased wisdom in society – the tendency to click and share without fact checking or ensuring that the story is even true makes it all too easy for falsehoods to be spread. 

It is a dangerous habit. It is something I have seen among those I know, and it is a mistake I myself have made in the early days of social media.

Something that seems so simple on the surface can so easily open us up to the concept of fitnah. 

Being online has its own etiquette and responsibilities, and it may take time to get used to the idea that there are limits and dangers to what we choose to open ourselves to in a seemingly anonymous world. It is important to be reminded to keep a critical mind to everything that we read. Everything is written with a certain bias, and one has to keep in mind that there are two views to every story.

Truth may be stranger than fiction, but be wary of the sensationalism that may colour the articles that are out there, and sometimes the lives of others are easily affected by the carelessness of others. 
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