Aida Zabidi
One week till the start of a new chapter. 

I walked past the new workplace with the same uncertainty as to when I first started work as a wide-eyed, naïve house officer. I wondered what work life would be like, what colleagues would be like. 

I feel like a child again, treading on the cusp of uncertainty. 

One would think that getting older would mean less trepidation about starting anew, but I suppose the same fears still persist regardless. 

I remember the same wonder when I first started school. I remember being seven and starting primary school – real school for the first time, and wondering if I would be able to make friends. I remember my mother’s advice to be friendly, and say hello to the other children, and her reassurance that it would all end up okay. 

The worry of starting anew Is still there, however exactly as my mother said, many years ago – I believe that it will all end up okay.
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