Aida Zabidi
There are moments when my eyes are filled with rainbow and colour as I see the glossy, beautifully edited photographs of beautiful, fashionable people. There are moments where I secretly covet their beauty, and the ease they seem to wear their clothes. They seem to hold the world in their hands, in a moment of magic. 

Then the next moment I read about the going ons in the world and I feel like there is so much more that others are suffering from, and I’m here in my safe, comfortable part of the world drooling over makeup and fashion. 

These are #firstworldproblems – and despite knowing how superficial it seems to be thinking about pretty clothes and beautiful people, it almost seems like a form of escapism. For a second, I want to forget how ineffectual I feel reading about the seeming rise in racism and religious extremism, issues that seem to plague my mind day after day. 

One part of me wants to go shopping and give in to the lure of commercialism. 

One part of me wants to be contributing to the world. 

For some reason, they don’t seem to be mutually exclusive.
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