Aida Zabidi
Two days before the wedding.

Dresses for both receptions aren't finished yet. There's a possibility the last fitting still won't go exactly the way I want it to. I've forgotten to pick up those perfect hangers with our names engraved on it that I thought would look perfect in photos. There's a hundred and one things to do and many more that I'm sure we'll forget and will slip our minds.

Friends are asking how I'm so calm. I don't know what there is to stress about honestly; with such an amazing supportive network of family and friends, who have put so much time and effort into everything. I was able let go of certain things and just leave them in the hands of other people, and trusted that they would follow through with the best of intentions.

To be honest, I wasn't even that keen on the idea of marriage.

A wedding is just a symbol, and naturally you want the best for you - but it is more symbolic of a beginning of a marriage; a journey between two individuals to come. It is the marriage that will mean everything in the years to come, and that shouldn't overshadow the event itself. 

A wedding is exactly that - an event. That thought was never far from my mind.

That said, the event definitely belonged to mama, and it was her handiwork and her touch that crafted it into the event that it was, and I am thankful for that. People raved about how wonderfully personal everything was, and to expect a thousand people and create that atmosphere for them was nothing less of a marathon.

Thank you everyone who have been part of the journey. 

I couldn't have wanted for more.
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