Aida Zabidi
I'm a wife. 

Waifu, according to him.

It’s a strange thought, the idea of marriage. 

I’ve always seen it as a religious and social construct, something upon which to build a family on, to bind two individuals with legal means so they would share certain responsibilities of a sort. Honestly, in my head, marriage didn’t seem essential to be together with someone I already felt so comfortable with, and that we could have easily gone on the way we were then. 

I’m not against the idea of marriage, just that for some reason it has always seemed rather alien. 

My tongue stumbles on the word husband, even as I wake next to you, for my heart has no words for the relationship that we have. 

“Your heart and my heart, are very, very old friends.” –Hafiz 

This seems apt. 

We seem like long lost friends who lost each other and have only found each other once more. I cannot find words for that. 

All I know is I am thankful. 

Thankful for the journey that we've had, through our ups and downs. Thankful for the support of those who have stood behind us, unwavering in their faith. Thankful for those who helped us for our wedding, in their support and their joy helping us celebrate our union.

I am so, so thankful. 
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    o look, there goes the boat. set sail to a journey i dont kno about. o well..

    all d best, doc. hv a good one.

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