Aida Zabidi
I am not naturally gentle or patient. 

It took years to train myself to not give in to anger. 

A patient came in today with her husband, who had refused to allow her the tetanus jab that we routinely give pregnant patients. I asked him why he refused. 

He shrugged. 

"My mother and her mother never had any jabs, and they’re perfectly fine. I stepped on a nail once and didn’t get the jab and nothing happened to me. Those back in the day were perfectly healthy, but today everyone is full of illnesses.” 

“Those back in the day used to die a lot earlier, and women would die from more complications in childbirth. Are you against it for any other reason? It won’t cause you or her any harm.” 

“Look doctor, I’m the type who once has made up his mind, my mind is made up. Nothing will change it.” 

“If you make this decision fully understanding the reasons behind why we give the jab and you understand, I can’t force you – but if you don’t even want to learn about it, you’re being unfair to your wife and your unborn child. Perhaps you should talk to your family members and get their input?” 

“I don’t care. Even if my mother tells me otherwise it won’t change my mind. If my wife wants to go ahead with the jab, she can – but I’ve told her, if she does it I’ll take her home to her parents and cut contact with her forever.”


Took me all the energy not to run him down with my car when I left for lunch.
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