Aida Zabidi
The husband had brought his wife in for her hypertension follow up. 

“You’ll have to talk a bit louder doctor, she’s a bit deaf.” 

“I’m a bit deaf,” she smiled apologetically. They both exchanged smiles. 

I smiled at how they both essentially seemed to complete each other's sentences. “Your blood pressure looks good auntie. Everything in general looks good.” 

She had been a model patient, one who had always taken her medications and had a fantastic record of very well controlled hypertension. 

Her husband smiled happily, reminding me again how I had to talk louder so his wife could hear. 

"I have to remind her to take her medication."

"I always forget, but he reminds me to take my medication."

They had been married for over thirty years, and even now in their twilight years, with each other becoming a lot more frail, it was obvious how much they cared and depended on each other. It was in the gentle smiles, and the way her husband led her by the hand as she clutched precariously to her walking stick as they walked out the door together. 

In an age where divorce is common, and love seems exclusively for the young, I love meeting these couples who have survived many years together and grown into their relationship, who obviously still love and care for each other after so many years. 

Now that’s a relationship goal.
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  1. Wow I almost have tears on my eyes reading this. Old people's love never fails to touch the soft spot in my heart. Relationship goal. :)

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