Aida Zabidi
A long time ago, I used to debate with my sister. 

Not consciously, but our arguments always invariably turned into a debate of sorts – possibly because she was trained to do so. After awhile, I wondered what the point was, and somehow the point would get lost in the process – the whole reason we had started the argument in the first place. 

Just because I disagreed with her opinion, didn’t mean that she didn’t have a point in the first place. At some point, we were just hurting inside, and we just wanted to communicate that hurt. 

Many a time I would be the one to apologize, only because I acknowledged that emotion, and I was willing to put aside my ego to be proven right because it didn’t seem worth spending too much time on sadness and anger. I did it out of love, and I saw no weakness in backing down. 

Perhaps we are all seeking that acknowledgement, seeking to be seen and understood.

Sometimes I wonder if the misunderstandings of the world are parallel to the arguments that my sister and I used to have, and if it is just debating for the sake of being acknowledged and to be proven right, but perhaps the point that was originally the point of contention has been lost in all the discussion. 

 Sometimes I feel like that’s all the world needs – to acknowledge that there is someone out there hurting, and just needing a little hug.
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