Aida Zabidi
I am truly appreciative for the friends I have in my life. 

At times friendship can be something taken for granted, just going along with the individuals who surround you the most, and you cling to the ones you are most familiar with. At times it is the opposite, and the ones you once would bare your soul to are no longer fixtures in your life. 

I am lucky on so many counts. 

Lucky that the ones that I have had the opportunity to grow up with I also are still a significant part in my life, and lucky that I have met individuals along the way that I have had the fortune to make new friendships. I am luckiest that these are the ones who have stuck together through the times. 

A friend of ours passed away about a year ago. 

On the odd occasion, we visit her grave; on other occasions, we reach out to her mother in an attempt to let her know that she is remembered, that her daughter was someone we cared dearly about.

It seems morbid to think about talk about death at times, but it seems especially important that we all still have a connection after death, and especially at times when we all are striving to connect our lives with our faith. I think there is significance if your friends remember you beyond this life, and offer prayers for your soul. 

I look at this crowd and I feel blessed.
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