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A friend recently asked me about visiting Victoria – and for a lot of people who aren’t used to Australian geography, there’s a lot more to the landscape than Melbourne, despite my deep rooted love for the city.
One of the places I suggested was to visit Geelong, the second biggest town in Victoria.


Geelong used to be further in my head until I actually went traveling, and it turned out that the seaside town was actually a decent hour-drive down from Melbourne town through the highway, or an easy train ride from Southern Cross station to one of their three main train stops. 

The waterfront itself has its attractions, and it’s one of those lovely seaside towns that’s beautiful to visit on a sunny day and just walk down the pier, where the charming old carousel is, with the random nautical themed bollards dotting the beach and its surrounding areas and the dazzling blue of the ocean. If you drop by in summer, you can brave the dip – waters are still icy in the hottest days of summer, thanks to the connection to the Antartic,

Bells Beach
Try the mussels boat at one end of the pier, where you they’ll cook you some delicious options, or you can opt to bring back some of the fresh mussels for your own consumption at home. The pier also has a couple of restaurants dotting the area – although some might be on the pricier side of things.

The Mussels Boat
Geelong is also the starting point of the Great Ocean Road, a beautiful four hour drive on the coastline to the Twelve Apostles, which are these natural rock formations that push out of the sea. It’s a pleasant drive, although the roads do get a little narrow at times – and I wouldn’t recommend driving at night due to the poor lighting conditions, but every single time I’ve gone – I’ve always admired the temperament of the ocean, from it’s calm dazzling blues of the sea, or the tumultuous grey stormy waves on an overcast day.

It’s not quite complete without a stop to Lorne either for some fish and chips – although be cautious at the Australian love for vinegar and chips, a combination that caught me off guard the first time I tried it.

The Twelve Apostles at sunset
The Cove

If you happen to be visiting Victoria, it's definitely worth stopping by Geelong for a feel of the laidback beach atmosphere, and for some fantastic scenery.
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