Aida Zabidi
The current flood tally is almost 100000, one of the biggest disasters that has hit Malaysia for awhile, with Kelantan and Terengganu having the highest number of victims. 

It’s heartbreaking hearing the accounts of the victims, from the intermittent texts that get through when reception comes back on to the photos of submerged buildings, of water reaching the second or third stories of tall buildings, of electricity and water being cut and stories of food running out. 

A doctor in Kuala Krai narrated the experience when electricity was first cut, and generators fell through – how patients in ICU had to be bagged manually, the tense atmosphere while patients had to be airlifted due to the lack of landing space, and the waiting for the rest of the patients who could not be evacuated. We heard the struggle to find a way to send diesel for the generators and the failed attempts due to the strong currents.

It is scary that it is so close to home, and it hits harder when victims include those who you know personally. You can hear the worry in the tone of their communication, or feel the preoccupation of their thoughts as they speak about the situation. I feel it when I hear my friends talk about their loved ones and I feel the burden on their voice.

Even Johor has started getting flood warnings, and my boss has called an emergency meeting to activate our emergency response team.
Now is not the time to blame or point fingers, to play politics or blame the leaders of the country. 

Now is a time to stand united, and do what little we can to help the flood victims. 

For those who believe in prayer, pray. And for those who are able to donate, there are many donation centres that have opened up around the country – you can google Tabung Bantuan Banjir to find a list of places which accept donations and the details. Some places accept donations in the form of items, but please be fast as a lot of the donation drives close on the 28th of December. Otherwise some places do take cash donations – and I have attached the details for one of them below. 

Ya Allah, ease the trials of those who are undergoing this suffering. 

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