Aida Zabidi
Chokolait Hub was one of these hidden cafes in Melbourne, one of those gems tucked away in the streets that I found out quite by accident. 

Melbourne has its share of great coffees but I’m always on the lookout of a beautiful hot chocolate, and Chokolait Hub quickly became one of my favourite haunts while I was there. 

With its warm chocolate toned interior and comfortable leather couches, the space was a bit on the small side, but they definitely made full use of space that they had without feeling a bit too cramped – although sitting outside in the corridor does mean you lose a bit of the ambience. Better for small groups, and if you can, try and score a seat at the sofa at the corner.

Their star performers had to be their chocolate drinks – unlike a lot of places, their drinks were made with pure melted chocolate, with a choice of milk, dark or white chocolate, and it is a mouthful of the most delicious, rich hot chocolate that you will ever have. It tastes pretty good as ice chocolates as well, but I’m partial to the silky smoothness of a well-made rich chocolate, and Chokolait Hub is a killer. 

They also offer a fantastic selection take-away chocolates and desserts for dining in (try the chocolate pavlova - which is absolutely heavenly)!

A must-try if you’re ever in Melbourne (and have the luck to find a seat)! 

Chokolait is at Shop 8, Hub Arcade,
318 Little Collins St,
Melbourne, VIC 3000.
Opening Hours: Mon-Thurs (9am-6pm), Fri (9am-9pm), Sat (930am-6pm)
Phone Number: +613 96396188
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